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Borcan focuses on purchasing aluminium cans from waste and scrap metal companies that have extracted them from both domestic and commercial waste streams. The fact of the matter is that a lot of waste companies don’t have time to extract clean UBC’s from the waste stream as they are processing large volumes of waste.

It isn’t cost-effective or time-efficient for them to produce a clean product that aluminium smelting companies can melt to produce slab. We take away this issue with a service that is efficient, quick and affordable.

We also purchase clean UBC’s, both baled and loose, to obtain larger volumes of baled aluminium cans to offer to our customers. This means we can then offer the best purchase price to our suppliers.

The rest is easy – our prices are transparent, we are efficient and hassle-free. Prices can be quoted either delivered or collected.

We offer one-off services, but the majority of our business serves recurring volumes from suppliers for either regular collection or ad-hoc requests. Borcan will work to your requirements.

Wherever your business is located, if you process volumes of between 1 and 500 tonnes of aluminium cans to sell, give us a call and we can arrange transport to collect product.